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Below is the completed short films from Carl Mackenzie.


The Interrogation of Olivia Donovan

The multi award winning short film, starring  Eva Pope, Cristian Solimeno and Ellie Paskell., was Written and directed by Carl Mackenzie,

Following the arrest of Bradley Donovan for the abduction of Katie Fenwick, police officers set out to Donovan’s house in the hope of finding the missing schoolgirl. When they arrive, they are greeted by Donovan’s worried wife, Olivia. The police officers must use all their experience and tact to try to encourage Olivia to cooperate.  However, what the police officers do not realise is that Olivia has an agenda of her own.

Click the poster to watch the film.

Just A Day Poster.jpg


Written and directed by Carl Mackenzie and commissioned by innovative leadership development company, ClaridadeJust A Day explores the lack of empathy in people’s everyday lives.

​The film follows Mike, your average city worker going about his daily routine. 


During his journey to work, Mike encounters people that add to his morning annoyances.  What Mike doesn’t see is that these people are facing their own struggles and he might be able to help them, if only he would look a little closer.

Click the poster to watch the film.

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