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Earth Projection

Here is the films (and Books) that Carl is currently working on and looks forward to sharing with you very soon. Please scroll down to view the completed short films.

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Unseen Scars
Feature film / Pre - Production

Written and directed by Carl Mackenzie, Unseen Scars is a unique and powerful feature film, which highlights the effects of PTSD on returning military veterans and the people around them. 


The film follows military veteran, James, who on his return from service, has difficulty adapting to civilian life. With the world now very different, James feels lost and spends his days hiding his PTSD from those around him.  As the dark memories engulf him, James reluctantly seeks help.  However, the people helping him battle demons of their own, will James get the help he so desperately needs?


Many exciting updates to follow.

Short film / Completed

Written and directed by Carl Mackenzie and commissioned by innovative leadership development company, Claridade,

Just A Day explores the lack of empathy in people’s everyday lives.

Shot over three days, the film follows Mike, your average city worker going about his daily routine.  During his journey to work, Mike encounters people that add to his morning annoyances.  What Mike doesn’t see is that these people are facing their own struggles and he might be able to help them, if only he would look a little closer.

Just A Day Poster.jpg
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